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The Hendrick's Gin is unique in its botanical peculiarity, for distillation are some flowers, roots, fruits and seeds from around the world and at the end of the distillation is added an infusion of rose petals and cucumber which gives these subtle nuances that characterize it. The Hendricks Gin is a sweet gin.

The Hendricks Gin is made with a focus on their development based on small amounts.

The Hendriks Gin is produced in small batches of 450 liters for the master distiller has full control over the process, so it is considered a gin "Development Limited" to be an elaboration of less than 1000 liters in each shipment.

The Hendricks gin is distilled in Scotland in two stills: the still Bennet and Carter-Head Alembic. This union of two different liquors gin manages to create an exceptionally smooth and balanced but with character.

The prestigious Wall Street Journal in 2003 proclaimed the Hendricks Gin ginbra as the best in the world. Lovers of this Scottish gin are distributed worldwide.

The Brand Ambassador for Hendricks Gin Calaza called Marco and his passion is the cocktail. After intense preparation in the distillery William Grant & Sons of Hendricks Gin, in Girvan (Scotland) where he met all the wonderful world around the Hendricks gin, Marco dedia to take his passion for this Geneva every corner of Spain, Dondo best tips to make the best Gin Tonic or as Hendricks & Tonic says, but also likes to surprise with a very exotic gin cocktail called Green Cooler, a very cool and unusual cocktail for its blend of ingredients. Here we leave the recipe that we suggest you follow to complete to surprise your guests:

Cocktail Recipe Green Hendricks Gin Cooler:


5cl. Hendricks Gin.

10cl. lemon juice.

1 tablespoon orange marmalade.

4cl. Hit cucumber syrup.

1.5 cl. milk.

Ice massif

Preparation method Hendricks cocktail Green Cooler:

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker (if you do not have a shaker can buy in the section accessories), shake vigorously and pour the contents into a cocktail glass. To add a touch gasified Fever Tree Ginger Ale (also available in our online store) and decorate and add a touch cool as a cucumber slice could not be otherwise being a Hendricks Gin cocktail.

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Acerada y brillante.
Aromas florales y cítricos muy intensos, con toques de flor de jara y retama. Es intensa, potente y elegante, aromática y con un alcohol bien integrado, fondo de acícula de pino.
Es aromática, con un paso de rosa y violeta, de excelente alcohol, de paso graso, aromático y potente, con una retronasal floral de cierta golosidad.

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