International shipping costs for wine and other products throughout Europe

International shipping costs for wine throughout Europe wine shop is currently a benchmark in ecommerce in Spain and one of the leaders in the wine sector, which also has an international presence in Mexico City and makes shipments throughout Europe.

VINOPREMIER.COM accepts the following forms of payment so that you can choose the one that best suits you:


This form of payment is 100% secure and is only valid for orders through the Web or collected in our physical stores. If the payment is confirmed correctly by our bank, your order will be at the address indicated in 24-72h. (as long as the item in question is available in our warehouse).

When you make a purchase with a debit or credit card at VINOPREMIER.COM, a connection is established with the bank's SECURE SERVER, which brings all its experience and technological infrastructure to safely and efficiently support all electronic transactions. When a request for payment arrives to the Server, the latter is in charge of managing the authorization or denial of payment, in real time, for this purpose a code will be sent to you from the issuing bank of your credit or debit card (usually by SMS to your mobile phone) ) to verify that the cardholder is the one making the payment and thus avoid fraudulent operations or the use of your credit card by third parties.

If you are not validated or registered in the SECURE PAYMENT system, we recommend that you do so by contacting your bank before placing the order, or the SECURE SERVER will deny you the default transaction by not having the validation code.

PayPal offers the option to make the payment of your order via PayPal without any additional cost for you.

PayPal is the fast and secure way to shop online since the data on your card or bank account is never shared. Payment is received instantly and the order is processed quickly, so your order will be at the address indicated in 24-72h. (as long as the item in question is available in our store). Your purchases can be protected without limit of amount, thanks to PayPal's "Buyer Protection" system.

Bank Transfer

Payment by transfer or deposit in any of our BBVA or Sabadell accounts. If the payment is made from the same bank, the payment will appear at the moment, so the order will leave immediately, with delivery in 24h-72h (provided that the item in question is available in our warehouse). If the transfer or deposit is made from another entity, the payment takes 3 business days to appear in our account. The fees charged by the bank for this service will be borne by the customer. Your order will be processed once received the money in our bank account. To expedite your order you can make the payment with the Express Transfer System (KLARNA).

Data to make the transfer or income:

Titular: ANDOWINES, S.L. 
Banco Sabadell: ES22 0081 7160 5400 0124 8328 
BBVA: ES12 0182 0956 5102 0168 1053 
Concept: Number or your order or your full name

KLARNA Banking (Express Bank Transfer)

KLARNA Banking is a direct online bank transfer. Pay with SOFORT Banking in 3 simple steps with your online banking data and no need to register. The merchant will receive an instant notification and your order can be processed instantly, without delays. Easy, fast and safe. Mas info.

Pay in Store

This form of payment is only valid for pick up orders in our physical stores. In this case you can make the payment in cash or by credit card to pick up the order and thus save shipping costs.

Receive your order first and pay later (Sequra)

With this form of payment you can choose the product you want, place the order, receive it at your home without having previously paid, check that everything is as expected and if everything is correct you can pay it within 7 days. What else can you ask for to buy wine online? Buy and pay as you did before, when you have touched and checked the product.


You can make reservations of the desired material by advancing 20% of the value of the product. This operation can be managed only by bank transfer or deposit account.


If you have any questions, contact calling to: +34 918626606.

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