Liqueur Bols Lychee


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Bols Lychee liqueur, has an aroma of fresh fruit lychee and a fruity sensation that conquers palates. Since this product was launched to the market in Asia in 2003, Bols Lychee has become popular around the world.

The raw material of this drink is lychee, has a very ancient history, born from 2000 BC according to records in China. This cultivation started in the South of China, Malaysia and Viet Nam. Because of the fame that has in Japan, Bols Lychee is now sold around the world.  With Liqueur Bols Lychee cocktails can be made as: Lychee Martini, Red Lychee Lychee Rickey, among others.


The company begins the production of liqueurs in 1575 in a small distillery in Amsterdam. In 1652 the founder Lucas Bols began to distribute liquor all over the world, also became a shareholder of a trading company of the Dutch India, this gave him the privilege of the first choice of herbs and exotic spices that help in the creation of more than 300 re cetas of liquor and alcohol.

Continuously the Bols family has been undertaking actions such as: changes in presentation, opening of an Academy of bartending Bols in Amsterdam, opening of the House of Bols; among others, 2015 was held in the 440 years of heritage and craftsmanship.

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% VOL.
70cl. Bottle
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