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The Bolf Zeer Oude Gin is Gin Premium of more than 15% malt wine (in the case of bowls, 19% exactly), spirit of 35% and less of 20 Gr. of sugar per liter of mixture. It is called old Geneva, not by their aging, if not for the mix.
Lucas Bols, is a Dutch manufacturer of liqueurs and especially vodka and gin, which dates from the year 1575. It produces several types of Geneva, according to classical procedures of the firm, and in his case legislation allows that the names of the types, listed as brands.
The basic process is to create a blend of malted barley, rye, maize and wheat, marinate it and distilling the pasta that is created from two to four times, obtaining an alcohol called "malt wine". On the other hand, introduces botanicals, the classics of Gin (Juniper, angelica, Lily, coriander and licorice root), most any special, in neutral alcohol obtained from corn, mixed this infusion with malt wine, and obtaining according to the proportions, the different types of Geneva.

% VOL.
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