White Wine Ruta del Conquistador


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Wine white path of the Conqueror

White wine route of the Conqueror belongs to the Valdeorite Winery located in the heart of Extremadura. The winery itself is proof of intent to get the best of both worlds, using the latest technology of preparation to be able to take advantage of the unique fruits of an exceptional land. It is composed of grape variety Sauvignon Blanc.

Mixing cultural vision, wealth and tradition in the heart of Spanish wine, comes the perfect broth where passion is presented as a natural expression of these wine lovers. Bodegas Valdeorite is pleased to present the best wines selected directly by lovers of wine from all over the world, in order to link it with what you can find at home.

Wine lovers together to develop his passion for the nectar of the gods in the land of Extremadura. Coupages of different sizes always understood from the perspective of the best sommeliers international, using autochthonous strains Extremadura with the unique perspective of the masters of wine.

Route of the Conqueror is an Wine of the land of Extremadura, its variety of grape is Sauvignon Blanc.

If you have any questions about purchasing the wine white path of the Conqueror, contact with the Sommelier in our online wine store and you will advise you without obligation.

White Wine
% VOL.
75cl Bottle
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Color amarillo brillante con reflejos verdosos.
Intenso, con una hermosa expresión aromática, al imagen de las flores blancas, frutas tropicales y poco a poco aparece una agradable nota mineral y recuerdos a hierbas recién cortadas.
Fresco, estructurado y estilizado en el paladar.

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