Red Wine Lar de Barros Joven


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Wine red young Lar de Barros

The vino Tinto Lar de Barros young is a red wine that belongs to the Wineries Valdeorite and has designation of origin Ribera del Guadiana. It is composed of grape variety 100% Tempranillo.

Lares, which translates as the home to the old Spanish, has its origin in the tradition of the Roman gods, who were ubiquitous in Spain at that time and have permeated throughout history. That evokes the image of the House as a place privileged and sacred guarded by the gods.

LAR de Barros young: this young wine has violet hues that evoke its freshness. A clean nose that distinguishes mature red fruits, plums and licorice can be found in this wine. With the power of his age young wines, tannins are easily identifiable, which helps appreciate the density of this wine.

Alcohol content: 14%

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Red Wine
% VOL.
75cl Bottle
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Vino tinto limpio y brillante, capa alta con unos reflejos violetas que denotan su juventud.
Limpio en la que se distingue las frutas roja bien maduras, se puede apreciar ciruelas, regaliz, etc.
Vino joven con la potencia propia de su juventud, se notan los taninos bien maduros lo que nos hace sentir la concentración de nuestros caldos.

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