Whisky Gotas del Marqués 32 Blisters


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It is an alcoholic beverage distilled from fermented malt grains like barley, wheat, rye and corn, and subsequent aging in wooden barrels, traditionally white oak.

It is sold with an alcohol of 40 to 62% volume content.

Although it is believed that whiskey already existed, the first collected written whiskey in Ireland dates from 1405. In the fifteenth century Scotland considered him the only known antidote is worth, so large quantities of it were consumed at funerals.

There are more than 7 types of whiskey as its components and types of processing.

WHISKY DROPS MARQUÉS pods are 7 ml distilled whiskey to the top bagasse Scottish origin, unique in blister packs with easy-open system and anti- drip funnel. It is a whiskey distilled and aged exclusively in Scotland, where the most famous whiskeys in the world, which preserves the flavor of the ingredients in the production after aged in oak casks in Scotland for at least three years occur.

They are ideal for cutting coffee, represent a revolution in presentation, aesthetics, hygiene, professionalism, flexibility and consumption.

It has a golden color with amber reflexes reminiscent of caramel and a sweet and intense aroma. It is characterized by a strong and sweet flavor, with ample dry and slightly bitter finish.

The alcohol content of the product is 40 VOL.

The unit dose liquor Bodegas Marques de Vizhoja " Marquis drops " you have been awarded on several occasions to be considered worthy of this distinction, because it is innovative, your marketing mix and its successful commercialization.

If you have questions when buying WHISKY DROPS MARQUIS, contact our online sommelier wine store and advise you without obligation.

70cl. Bottle
United Kingdom
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