Red Wine Pétalos del Bierzo Magnum


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Descendants of J. Palacios presents this wine from Bierzo (Spain), created from grapes Mencia format and presented in 1.50 L.

Petals Bierzo 2011 (Magnum)

Type: Young red wine Crianza.

Producer: Descendants of J. Palacios.

Wine region: Bierzo (Spain).

Grapes: Mencia.

Bottle: 1.50 L.

Rating: After the huge success in the Priorat, Alvaro Palacios Bierzo decided to settle in the area of ​​great potential as His way of understanding wine selection is tiny plots of old vines on steep, rocky soils of slate to make different wines depending on the characteristics of each vineyard, a similar method sorting system Burgundy. many years have passed since it began in 1999 and the preparation technique has been refined, past abuse toasted barrels to remove heavy the essence of the fruit and draw its wines as different fragrances.

Petals One is its wine town or village, as cataloged the Burgundians. A wine and dark purplish hue that determines what we will then smell: fragrance, fragrance and fragrance of a perfect definition of carnations, violets, flower petals and jara. While vigorously move the cup becomes more complex and perceive graphite, forest humus and mineral. A seductive and feminine wine that would leave no smell. The mouth has the same pattern, floral and very fresh blueberries, balsamic and a velvet dress with texture. The tannins barely perceived as having a touch superfluous and void.

If I were a Burgundy would be a Chambolle-Musigny!

​​Aging: Aged for 4 months in oak barrels.

Graduation: 14.0%.

Optimum serving temperature: Between 16ºC and 17ºC.

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Red Wine
% VOL.
Magnum 1.5L
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