Liqueur Gallego Celticº Dos Navegantes + 2 chupitos de regalo


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LIquor Celtic Dos Navegantes

Blend of grain alcohol , neutral and crystalline , with distillate cold and vacuum of fermented grape must , retaining the original flavor ; Concentrated in small batches in a powerful distillation column select botanicals among which the balsamic herbs such as eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender , to finally be rectified in a third specific column purified possible derivatives and compose a powerful and balanced tonic. Set at 56% of alc / vol by addition of demineralized water and deionized water to provide the best base.

His form of consumption is shot . You can add a coffee bean and lemon rind before flamed for a minute.


Flaming in an appropriate container.

Extinguish the flame ignited the minute.

Check that the glass is cool before drinking.

Tasting Notes :

SIGHT : With a direct and functional packaging, premium liquor Navigators covered with a red mantle bearing a picture of a sea monster , the result of the descriptions of the survivors in his delirium defined it as a mix of dragon and shark gigantic spewing fire from his mouth . The glass is transparent and burns with a faint blue flame.

NOSE: The alcoholic content, but decreased by fire, is evident from the first moment , before giving way to pleasant aromas of herbs mentholated and balsamic type , mint , eucalyptus and lavender , promises of open spaces , blue and insurance.

THE PALATE : Once cooled , emerge in all its splendor infusion balsamic herbs, opening not only the palate but the lungs and mind, continuous balance in ascending order. It ends in a very gentle way, where alcohol , herbs and a pleasant sweetness integrate not only liquor, but all previously ingested .

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% VOL.
70cl. Bottle
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