Aceite Oliduero Cosecha Temprana 50cl.


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Extra Virgin olive oil harvested early

Oliva Virgen Extra OliDuero oil is produced in Castilla and Leon, this oil is described by its intense flavor, with more bitterness and spiciness, qualities that describe a high-quality Extra Virgin olive oil. These products are manufactured in such way that it contains a lower fat yield, this is achieved through a greater collection of quality olives to produce the same amount of oil.

Product description

Oil Extra Virgin olive harvest early It is only obtained juice from olives of the variety Arbequina olive groves themselves, deep green color and powerful aroma that provide a pleasant taste.

To taste the intensity on the palate which is described as a bitter and spicy sensation may be felt.


The collection of olives only occurs through mechanical procedures adapted in order to prevent the fall of olive to the soil and the consequences that entails, also used an extraction system in cold, thus maintaining the high organoleptic qualities of the olive and taking advantage of only the first juice in this.
The transportation of the olives to the mill made it is immediately to exploit the freshness allowing to extract all intact qualities of the fruit.

If you have any doubts at the time of buy Extra Virgin olive harvest early oil contact with the sommelier from our online shop which will advise you without obligation.

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