White Wine Verdejo Codonal Vinum Nobile


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Verdejo White Wine Nobile Vinum Codonal
The wine obtained is one of the best whites from Spain and the World, in the variety of "Verdejo", and to prove, nothing better than tasting it. They will get a world of sensations, freshness, flavors, nuances, natural fruitiness and acidity, typical of its grape varietal, which is notable for its balance and finesse. Its bouquet so special and in harmony with their image, rises above the quality standards of the industry.

This can only be carried out, because in his birthplace, ALDEANUEVA OF CODONAL (Segovia) and the 5 surrounding towns of the Ribera del Voltoya, there are the best grape vines Verdeja of Spain. They are more than 220 hectares. strains of pre-filoxéricas glass, standing-French and centennial (some bicentennial) unique in the world, which were cultivated in Roman times by our ancestors, and maintained from generation to generation until today. These old vines are the grapes that transmit sensory differentiators and nuances unique to each crop.

But what is truly exceptional and gives value to our vineyards and their grapes Verdejo, are the lands of songs (codons) and sand, unique in Spain, where strains are planted. These "authentic terroir" with peculiar characteristics, along with the altitude (864 meters above sea level) and extreme temperatures, with frost in winter and hot summer day and sharp drop in temperature by night at maturity makes a lasting fruity, sensory and organoleptic them unlike any other white grape. The very structure of the land (songs and sands) and altitude of these were what prevented, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the plague of phylloxera, which destroyed almost all the vineyards in Europe, not to do here, remaining planting in this area and for this variety by the glass, then just as today.

A pruning, harvesting and manual selection of the grapes in the old way, and accepted methods in its different phases controlled by the current DO Wheel, is joined by a continuous, careful and professional, where yeasts own environment, help to better and peculiar fermentation in French oak barrels of the best, giving the wine's personality and unique feature it has. We can say that our land and its people speak through their wine and this through its grapes but primarily for its old vines vessel passed down from generation to generation.

The bottle Burgundy, dark to preserve the wine of light, natural cork quality and long life, to preserve the right temperature to maintain them in the cellar, and a special packaging so that the bottles remain horizontal, make the wine is kept for several years without losing its genuine qualities and can reach the consumer in perfect condition for consumption, up to its name CODONAL VINUM NOBILE

White Wine
% VOL.
75cl Bottle
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