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It comprises two varieties of white grape Clairette PICPOUL and cultivated in the area of Herault, France, in the Southeast.

Years of experience have inspired this pioneering technique to realize that to carry the wine in barrels exposed to sun and salt for a prolonged period, it acquired a special taste the fruit of an alteration of the optimum storage conditions.

To recreate this condition in a controlled manner after an initial period in the wine cellar trasvasaban a few seconds remaining barrels in the sun for a period of approximately one year.

The essence of the process is to force very specific conditions of temperature, humidity and concentration of salt in the air, so that does not spoil the broth and the wood will transfer that taste so characteristic.

The result is a powerful first taste broth that must be submitted back to the traditional enrichment (three years) on brandy and a secret blend of spices to produce this end of vermouth.

Noilly Prat is a modern winery and adapted to the times that has a long experience since 1813, when Joseph Noilly which introduced the dry vermouth in France. 42 years later the heirs of Noilly Prat associated with Claudius and formed the present Noilly Prat settled in the town of Marseilles, at the foot of the Mediterranean, a place to make this great appetizer.

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KNOW Noilly Pratt

Noilly Pratt: En 1813, Joseph Noilly creo su primer vermut francés y fue su hijo, quien recreó este proceso natural y único de Noilly Prat, envejeciendo el vermut en barricas de roble.