Rum Matusalem 15 Años Gran Reserva


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Methuselah RON 15 YEARS

The Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 years is the jewel in the crown. Compiled from more than 130 years ago in Santiago de Cuba and known as the 'Cognac of Rums', this Solera 15 years of 'Super Premium Ron' is the perfect choice for those seeking a sophisticated taste and exceptional quality. Color: The Big Book of gold is comparable to the best spirits aged in wooden barrels, clean, bright red with amber tones produced by the blending of young and mature rums in wooden barrels. Aroma: The nose is intense with aromas of vanilla, plum and caramel. Taste: Delicate, soft with exceptional bouquet and delicate flavors of vanilla and caramel.

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% VOL.
70cl. Bottle
Dominican Republic
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KNOW Matusalem

Matusalem: "Destilando el buen sabor del ron desde 1872".