Red Wine Digma Autor Graciano


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Red Wine Digma Autor Graciano

The Red Wine Digma Autor Graciano comes from the winery Bodegas y los Viñedos Castillo de Sajazarra and is included under the appellation of origin Rioja.

The wine is elaborated with the grape variety Graciano. Graciano grape brings out all nuances to this red wine.

The Red Wine Digma Author Graciano is made only in exceptional years of the best of the estates of the winery. As a variety of long cycle and be the property located at a considerable altitude and latitude, we need to reduce production to less than 5,000 kilos per hectare to ensure perfect ripening of the grapes. The malolactic fermentation is made in new French oak barrels, and the wine remains in total about 18 months in these barrels.

The alcoholic content by volume is 13.5% vol.

We recommend serving this wine between 10 and 13·C.

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Red Wine
% VOL.
75cl Bottle
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De un color granate precioso, muy cubierto y nada evolucionado.
Muy aromático, con finura y elegancia, arándanos, hierbas aromáticas y menta, bien integrados con las notas de madera, ahumados y minerales.
Potente, muy bien equilibrado en boca, con taninos dulces y maduros, fresco y muy largo. Un vino muy elegante y con un punto "salvaje".


Cured cheeses
Red meats

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