Pacharan Ruavieja 0.7 L


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Pacharán Ruavieja prepared using a traditional maceration of sloes and anise with know-how and heritage and tradition of Ruavieja. To enjoy the experience of Ruavieja taste, cool the bottle before serving the pacharán, pour it into a wide glass over ice, gently removes and savor all the uniqueness of their sloe. Pacharán Ruavieja tradition of sloe Gin liqueur to enjoy and share with friends and family on long after meals.

Content : 0.7 l
Alcohol : 25%

Tasting note :

-Color : Pacharán Ruavieja shows a vivid red color, intensity and brightness that are a reflection of the care process of maceration,
-Odor : its aroma is nuanced, and harmonic anise at first then move to the fruity of the sloes. Your balance and freshness are unmistakable.
-Taste : stays balanced, soft to the palate with intense fruity notes and a final anise with hints of licorice.

Ruavieja was born in 1889, when the family vine Rodriguez Ovalle began to give shape to a secret that has remained intact for four generations. The secret of a life dedicated to the making of liquor and spirits of first quality.

Time has taught us that the best secrets are always shared. Around a good table, with the perfect company and leaving until the world stops. Because now no matter the watches. Pacharán Ruavieja is a perfect afternoon that not never, just a conversation with friends. The secret of the time which is shared.

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% VOL.
70cl. Bottle
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