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Liquor Grappa Libarna is the name that is known in Italy, to the schnapps of pomace obtained by distillation of grape Marc, i.e. the solid parts of the harvest that have no use in the previous elaboration of the wine.

It is a distilled alcoholic beverage originating in Italy. Grappa is known for being a strong and aromatic liqueur obtained from the distillation of grape residues, such as skins, seeds and stems. Grappa Libarna is one of the most recognized and appreciated brands within the grappa category.

It stands out for its high quality and its carefully elaborated production process. It is made using grapes of selected varieties and distilled in traditional copper stills to preserve and enhance the characteristic flavors and aromas of the grape.

This liqueur is characterized by its intense and complex flavor, with fruity and floral notes. In each sip you can appreciate nuances that evoke the essence of the grape used in its production. Grappa Libarna comes in different varieties and aging, which allows a greater diversity of flavors and options for lovers of this drink.

It can be enjoyed on its own as a digestive after a meal or as part of cocktails and mixed drinks. Its versatility allows exploring different ways of tasting it and experimenting with its flavor in different preparations.

It is appreciated for its craftsmanship and tradition in the production of high quality grappa. It is a beverage that has gained international recognition and is valued by connoisseurs of fine liqueurs.

Libarna Grappa Liqueur is a high quality Italian distilled beverage obtained from the distillation of grape residues. With its intense and complex flavor, it is an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy an aromatic and tasty liqueur. Whether sipped neat or in cocktails, Grappa Libarna is an elegant and refined choice for lovers of fine liqueurs.

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