Liqueur Mozart White Chocolate Cream


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Mozart Chocolate Cream liqueur, is a delicious candy fresh cream and the fruity nuances of white chocolate, make a spectacular combination in the bottle of vanilla white chocolate by Mozart, creating a deliciously due velvety with a feminine touch: soft, refined and seductive.

This drink contains 60% less than fat and low alcohol compared to other creams. The Mozart White Chocolate Cream liqueur is the protagonist of all parties, you may taste slightly cold, preferably with fresh seasonal fruit, combining superb cocktails can be created.


This liquor is exclusively made from high quality ingredients, which are thoroughly prepared for manufacturing. Mozart Chocolate Cream liqueur includes ingredients like fresh cream, an exquisite and the best cocoa butter, vanilla Bourbon of Madagascar, granulated and distilled from pure sugar beet sugar. Cocoa butter is added to the fat free cream, resulting in a lower fat content and a longer shelf life. Using an advanced process, the macerated melts along with the granulated sugar, caramel, cream and cut half of the distillate, thus creating the final product.

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% VOL.
70cl. Bottle
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