Ginebra Ginbear miniatura 5cl

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Geneva Ginbear miniatura 5cl

In the same way as is happening with microbrews, Geneva Ginbear miniatura 5cl in Spain, emerging several small distilleries ready to bring to market a range of premium gins, with seal of origin and an ecological and sustainable artisanal production. Under this new trend, the family distillery Alambique de Santa Marta (Aljavir, Madrid), has developed a Premium Geneva Madrid native with the trademark "Gin Bear". Your name "Bear" pays tribute to Madrid's symbol in the Plaza del Sol "The Bear and the Strawberry Tree" as we can see on the label, printed in copper color as a reminder tones alembic, where it is distilled. He was awarded first place in the "GinMotive" salon, rated as one of the great promises in artisanal gins national level. Its features include its preparation with 15 natural botanicals, such as spices, flowers and fruits macerated together between 7 and 10 days in tanks of 100 L; when most gins do not exceed 24 hours of maceration. Alcohol comes from a wheat qualities with high quality. Once obtained the precious liquid, it is added to the copper still where it is distilled.

The result is a sweet perfume Geneva, depth, and surprisingly soft touch. This is achieved thanks to the content of still bottled, after reduction with pure water. Giving a personal and genuine touch that will not leave unsatisfied great lovers of Geneva. Tasting notes: an alcohol delicate perfume, deep and surprising softness.

Capacity: 70CL.

The alcoholic content by volume is 40 vol

We recommend serving it between 6°C and 8°C.

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