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In 1777 there were in Edinburgh over 400 stills but only 8 were licensed to operate distillation, illicit distillation reigned in the city. By then, the Rosé from London Gin (gin botanical pink due to the time) was the gin more "premium " could be found in Scotland. Teachers Scotch distillers in their frequent visits to London had been noticed in England used to make a botanical gin different from them (which gave a pink color). Among these botanicals found juniper berries, citrus, cilantro ... The Masters Scottish distillers combined the highest quality botanical from London with 3 native of Scotland secret botanical, botanical eliminated responsible for the color pink and created their own gin.

Who better than the Scots, who pioneered the art of distilling, to merge all these botanical, and grain along with the best Scottish create a unique distillate.

Edinburgh Premium Gin Gin is one that recalls the days when the Scots began to create gin.

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Edinburgh Gin Distillery: Nuestras ginebras representan una de las gamas de ginebras más variadas y vibrantes del mundo.

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