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Premium Gin Citadelle Gin.

The origins of these spices are the most diverse, and follow the sea route to the Indies in the XVII century. Behold the unique list: France, juniper, pine with intense aromas and delicate violet root, Moroccan coriander penetrating, of Spain, sweet and bitter almonds, lemon peel and fresh, tasty orange peel in Mexico; of Saxony, Germany, angelica with menthol notes, the scarce and valuable Indian cardamom; Indochina cassia and cinnamon from Sri Lanka, China licorice complex, intense pepper or grains of paradise brought from East Africa; savory and anise also of France; fragrant Indian nutmeg, fennel and Mediterranean Italian orris root, especially appreciated, the latter for its digestive properties and set the blend of flavors in gin.

The Citadelle Gin is obtained by distillation Quad (three grain and components) from the distillation of a water base and wheat in a traditional copper stills similar to those used at the time by Carpeau and Stival. The process comprises a first triple distillation that yields a very pure neutral alcohol which are incorporated in the raw spices 19 to maintain all its freshness. Finally performs fourth and final distillation which takes advantage of the central cut only.

The 19 botanicals used are juniper, lemon peel, orange, licorice, cinnamon, cassia, nutmeg, angelica, pine, anise, violet, almond, coriander, cardamom, pepper, savory, fennel and orris root.

The final product is crisp, smooth, fresh and fine on the palate, with good balance between alcohol and botanists, noticing a scent of lemon and spices, which also gives it a slight itching.

Gin is a formula whose eighteenth century, which has been recreated in 1989 by Alexandre Gabriel, in collaboration with Cognac Ferrand, in France, which is the manufacturer.

It comes in a 70 cl bottle., High, slender and slightly bluish. He has received several awards highlighting the first Master Gin London in 2010 and the gold medal in the International Spirit Challenge in 2008.

For some Citadelle Gin is the best base Gin Tonic world.

Alcoholic Graducación the Citadelle Gin: 44.0% alc. / Vol.

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% VOL.
70cl. Bottle
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