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This is a gin made ​​with affection with her 4 distillation in copper stills small, and with a careful selection of plants. Geneva is a very elegant, refined, aromatic.

The gin gin English bulldog is a four distillations, released in 2006. Gin and especially London Dry Gin is characterized by the dominance of juniper fruit that gives the essential character of this drink. Currently are appearing more floral gins and some masking to capture this flavor vodka drinkers.

Bulldog Gin is a gin that avoids this trend but it brings something new in your mix: poppy and dragon eye flavored fruit similar to lychee. On one side is a gin designed for this liquor drinkers, but its complexity and aromes let you enjoy a new experience, which begins with the bottle.

The design of the bottle of gin bulldog, shows perfectly the character of Bulldog: a black bottle, simple and elegant, but with reference to details like the dog collar on the neck of the bottle.

Bulldog Gin The palate offers many floral notes, citrus fruit and very nice. Surprise seamless integration of juniper, which is not hidden in the symphony of flavors offered. In successive sips notes appear lichee and lavender.

Prepare a gin and tonic with Fever Tree tonic and pleasantly surprising, since further invites a drink.

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% VOL.
70cl. Bottle
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