Cognac Rémy Martin XO


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Cognac Remy Martin XO

Rémy Martin has always been a family business, the families Rémy Martin and Hériard Dubreuil are born and raised in Cognac France, have targeted business sharing the same values and love for cognac. They have a strong connection with nature and the heritage, are committed to protecting the environment in everything you do.

The Remy Martin XO Cognac is a mixture of distillates from 9 to 30 years.

The Rémy Martin XO Cognac It is a blend of grapes Ugni Blanc harvested in regions of Grand Champagne and Petite Champagne, the two finest crus.

The first of these provides lightness, great ability to guard and floral aromas through the ground from clay and limestone. This mixture of the two crus is known as Fine Champagne.

The Rémy Martin XO Cognaccontains 85% of Grand Champagne grape.

This cognac aging takes place in barrels of French oak from the Limousin forest, providing more tannins and natural aromas of vanilla cognac.

The Rémy Martin XO Cognac you get after mixing is an expert of 300-400 different spirits.

Rémy Martin Cognac bottle is sophisticated, luxurious and elegant

If you have any questions about purchasing Cognac Rémy Martin XO, contact with the Sommelier in our online wine store and you will advise you without obligation.

% VOL.
70cl. Bottle
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Color caoba brillante
Presenta notas afrutadas (frutas maduras de fin de verano ciruelas jugosas, higos maduros, naranjas confitadas), toques de flores blancas como el jazmín y el iris y notas de canela y avellanas ralladas.
Posee un sabor sutil parecido a la miel, jengibre, frutas confitadas, vainilla y especias, es muy aterciopelado con un final largo.

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